April 17, 2014

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Sermon April 13, 2014: Swaying Crowds

Today Pastor Dan’s sermon is titled, “Swaying Crowds” and the scripture reference is John 12:12-19. Follow along: 1. This crowd was humble in estate, but exuberant in their honoring of Jesus. • It demonstrates beginning of understanding of who Jesus was. • The shouts were a celebration of what was to come. “Hosanna!”(Lord save us!) [...]

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Sermon April 6, 2014: The Price

Today Pastor Dan’s sermon is titled, “The Price” and the scripture reference is Matthew 26:6-16. Follow along: 1. Indignant: • Emphasize doing first. (Social Gospel….feeding, clothing, housing, training opportunity, preventing human trafficking, etc.) Most everybody agrees with that. The Good News is not those things (but it may motivate those things). • Like things done [...]

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Sermon March 30, 2014: Change Your Diet

Today Chaplain Harry Brown spoke to us, and his sermon is titled, “Change Your Diet.” The scripture reference is Matthew 4:19. Here are a few notes shared with the congregation: A Fisher is very dependent and needs to be trustful. A Fisher gets his living by being a diligent and persevering man. The Fisherman is a [...]

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