August 28, 2016

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Sermon August 21, 2016: Influential Value

Today Pastor Dan’s sermon is titled “Influential Value” and his scripture reference is Matthew 5:13-16. Listen and follow along: You are a person of influence. You have influence. • Some people think too little of themselves • Some people think too much of themselves You’re not that good, but the Spirit inside you is. Humility: […]

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Sermon August 14, 2016: A VBS Message

This week was Vacation Bible School (VBS) week at GGNaz, and Pastor Dan’s sermon is a special message for VBS. His scripture references are excerpts from John 1:1-17. Listen and follow along:

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Sermon August 7, 2016: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Are You Following Yours or God’s?

Today Pastor Krystal Wigginton spoke and her sermon is titled “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Are You Following Yours or God’s?” and her scripture reference is Matthew 14:23-32. Listen and follow along: 1. We need to be able to recognize Jesus at work. Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When […]

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