February 24, 2018

02-26-12 Sermon – Don’t Forget Who You Are!

We are constantly asking the question… “Who am I?”

There are countless causes, groups…

  • Gangs
  • Philosophies
  • Cults
  • Organizations
  • Influential people

…who are ready & willing to TELL US who we are!

The quest to answer the question: “Who am I” “…is a continuing, never-ending, life-long struggle, all the way from the womb to the tomb.” (from Passages by Dr. Gail Sheehy)

The wonderful and mysterious occurrence in the act of Christian baptism is that in that moment we publicly embrace and identify with a gift that is given to us. The Christian message is not that we should try hard to “act like somebody”.  The Christian message is simply that “we are somebody!”

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