February 25, 2018

The Way of the Cross… The Way of Identification

It’s only five weeks away from Easter. During these weeks leading up to Easter, Pastor Jim focuses on the significance of some of the specific events during the hours of the passion of Christ just prior to his crucifixion using the eight-fold “Stations of the Cross” as a guide.

“Throughout history, “The Stations of the Cross” has referred to the religious practice of using various events in the final hours of Jesus’ life as a structure for prayer and meditation. These events encompass Jesus’ journey carrying his cross from the Hall of Pilate where he was condemned to death, to the site of his execution on Golgotha.

“For many centuries, as part of their acts of devotion, early Christian pilgrims to Jerusalem have retraced the route of Jesus as he carried his cross to his death. By the sixteenth century, the route this pilgrimage took through Jerusalem came to be called the Via Dolorosa, “The Way of Sorrow.” Along the Way, certain points on the journey (stations) were associated with specific events recounted in the Gospel accounts.

“The Via Dolorosa and the Stations of the Cross are still a popular pilgrimage destination in Jerusalem. Each year during Lent and especially on Good Friday, thousands of Christians retrace the route of Jesus through the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem, many carrying small or large wooden crosses.”

(Dennis Bratcher, The Cross as a Journey)

This Sunday, we’ll focus on the moment that marked the beginning of the end, the “kangaroo court” that led to Jesus’ condemnation and death. To bring this part of the story to a place where all of us are confronted with its meaning, it’s important to think of this as a drama and identify with the players: Jesus, Pilate, his wife and the crowd. Then we must ask the question, “Who is Christ to you?”

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