February 25, 2018

The Way of the Cross… The Way of Repentance

On Palm Sunday morning we continued our contemplation of the Stations of the Cross. Station number four is entitled simply, “Jesus Speaks to the Women.” The record of these words of Jesus as he journeyed the Way of Sorrow to Golgotha are found in Luke 23 beginning with verse 27. Pastor Jim takes this passage a verse or two at a time to help provide understanding and context to these verses that seem rather strange coming from the mouth of God’s Son.

Jesus’ words may sound sarcastic or even mean, but it was nothing of the sort. He was rather redirecting their attention to a more serious issue. When we give ourselves to things that mean little while ignoring matters of eternal significance, we grieve God, just as Jesus grieved earlier in the Passion narrative on Palm Sunday.


* * *

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