February 24, 2018

The Lord is My Helper

In this sermon, Pastor Jim reminds us of how God used a young man named Hoshea, more commonly known as Joshua, to teach a new generation of God’s people┬áto trust God as they sat poised at the threshold of their future.

Many agonizing lessons had been learned int he past 40 years of nomad life in the desert. As we look into this section of the narrative, God has laid His hand on the shoulder of a man, Joshua, who was undoubtedly in a time of mourning and loss. This was not a moment where the young “second in command” seizes the moment and leaps into the spotlight, internally rejoicing at the funeral plans and his good fortune. Joshua was, rather, one whose purpose in living had revolved around insuring that his leader/mentor, Moses, would have everything necessary to succeed.

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