February 24, 2018

Sermon June 9, 2013: God’s Not Finished

DSCN0138 small croppedGod’s not finished with you.  Yes you.  Whether it’s being patient with you waiting for you to choose to be His, or helping you to realize your potential in the Royal Priesthood, God’s not finished with you.  As long as you have breath, there is more to your story which is yet to unfold.  And life can throw some pretty interesting things at each of us.  When a thing happens, it is not always clear whether that occurrence is “good” or “bad,” and it can take time to see God’s hand in some matters.  Listen in as Pastor Dan shares from his heart and God’s word.

Selected Songs: Every Move I Make and I’m Trading My Sorrows

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  1. Congrats to Tomas on his new job!❤ Love this sermon!!!! ( lol) I can sure relate to this sermon…thank you pastor Dan!!!!

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