February 25, 2018

Sermon June 23, 2013: Gone Fishing

FishingAs Christians, we are called to be fishers of men (and women and boys and girls…). But do you realize the enemy is also fishing for these same people? If you’re going to fish, always fish where you know there are fish, find out what the fish like, and be persistent. As a Christian, know that the enemy uses these same tactics. Since he is not omnipresent, he decides where and when to go fishing. He decides what lure is going to work. And he is persistent. How do we fight this off? Be prepared when the enemy is most likely to attack. Pray up, and watch out for the enemy’s lure. Go to church. Church is important for Christians to be revived and renewed to fight off the issues. Listen as Reverend Christina Karanick shares more.

Selected Songs: Lord Reign In Me, There Is No Rock, and Breathe

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