February 24, 2018

Sermon July 28, 2013: Care-Fullness

DSCN0708Philippians 1:3-11
Paul was at Troas when he saw a vision from God. In the vision, a man from Macedonia begged Paul to come help them. Paul had not planned to go to Philippi, a city in Macedonia, but he followed God’s prompting, changed plans, and went there. The first day he was there, he looked for a place to pray. He found a group of women, and Paul started preaching to them. One particular woman named Lydia got saved, and her whole house was baptized. She then invited Paul and his companions to stay and preach. The church at Philippi started on Paul’s first day there. Through his ministry, Paul visited Philippi two or three times. In Paul’s new testament letters to most churches, he is addressing problems, but in the letter to the Philippians, he’s mostly loving them and encouraging them.
Here are some encouragements from Paul’s letter to the Philippians for disciples of Christ:
1. God’s going to take care of you and finish the job in your life. Once you’re on God’s team, you have become a work that He will finish. God doesn’t start a project in you and quit. He will help you grow up, even in spite of yourselves.
But it takes faith. Faith is confidence in God. Some people just have it as a gift, and it sounds like this: “I know God is going to help me get through this.” There is a sweetness about that kind of faith. Others have to build confidence in God. How do you build that confidence? Here’s one way: every time God brings you through something, mark it as a milestone. Eventually you have a log of situations that God has brought you through which will reassure you for future situation. And believe; that’s the beginning of faith. Jesus was never impressed with great knowledge, but He was impressed with great faith.
2. God’s going to take care of all of us (the Church). He will finish the job in your life. Being a disciple of Christ is not an individual sport. In most sports, if you singlehandedly take on another team, you are going to lose. That’s why we gather together weekly – to work as a team to accomplish God’s goals. There is a special affection that we can have for each other in the church. From time to time, people will irritate each other because of our humanity, but the Church is a team.
3. So, let’s grow: in love (know that you are loved, and do loving things), in knowledge (listen to trustworthy teaching and preaching), in depth of insight, in discernment (spiritual gift – you just get it, or talk with other people who get it better than you), in purity, and in the fruit of righteousness.
4. How? Make a plan, do the plan, follow the plan, adjust the plan, be accountable. Nothing happens by accident. Make a plan.

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  1. Love these pod casts especially when my husband turns off the alarm and goes back to sleep and we don't make it to church. Alarm on my side next Sunday.

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