February 24, 2018

Sermon September 8, 2013: Forgotten Virtues – Honor

DSCN4878Pastor Dan is starting a sermon series on forgotten virtues.
Virtues are not just nice behaviors or good deeds. Virtues honor God. Today Dan focuses on the virtue of honor.

There is a tremendous lack of encouragement in our culture today. Some people may remember a time when our culture valued moral virtues, and many have noticed the decline in our cultural virtues. Now, each person is more inclined to do his own thing. Everyone does what is right in his own eyes. The book of Judges documents a time in history when the Israelites did whatever they pleased; look in the book of Judges to see how that worked for them. It gets ugly fast.

When Jesus lived on earth, He had a tough time in His home town. People there knew Jesus and His family and saw Him grow up. They didn’t honor or respect Jesus, in fact many thought He was crazy. They lacked faith in Jesus. Jesus didn’t do many miracles there. Their lack of faith didn’t take His power away, but rather their disrespect caused them to want or expect nothing from Him. People didn’t want anything to happen, and God won’t make things happen here on earth if we don’t want them to happen.

What’s the difference between respect and honor? Respect is earned, but honor is given. Respect takes time to build and grow as a recipient earns it by the way he or she interacts with others. In contrast, honor is fully dependent on the giver through no action of the recipient. One can give honor by valuing, respecting, holding another in high esteem, or treating another as precious, weighty, and valuable.

Who are we called to honor?
God commands us to honor our parents (Exodus 20:12) whether they deserve it or not.
The Bible tells us to honor those in authority (Romans 13:7).
The Bible tells us to honor our pastors and church leaders (1 Timothy 5:7).
The Bible tells us to honor each other (Romans 12:10) and to try to outdo one another in showing honor.
Being honoring always begins with honoring God (Psalm 22:23; Isaiah 29:13).

Listen as Pastor Dan shares more from his heart and God’s word.

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