February 25, 2018

Sermon October 6, 2013: Voices

DSCN1508Pastor Gina Anson spoke this morning in a sermon entitled “Voices.”

Do you hear voices in your head?  Some have more than others.  Each of us has four voices we hear every day.  The loudest voice we hear is that of the culture.  We see it on billboards, hear it on radio, witness it on television and in the news.  Two other voices we hear are God’s and satan’s.  The fourth voice we all hear is our own voice – we hear what we have to say every day.  Take a moment and think:  Which voice is the loudest?  Which voice gives comfort?  Which voice do you listen to the most?

Read 1 Samuel 3

Samuel was born to Hannah after she prayed for a son and promised to give him back to God.  God blessed her with Samuel, and Hannah gave him to live with Eli the priest at the tabernacle.  God talked to Samuel in an audible voice.  In that day, people weren’t used to hearing God directly.  But God spoke to Samuel at night three times before Eli finally realized that it was God who was speaking to the boy.  The fourth time, Eli prompted Samuel to answer God so that God may deliver his message to Samuel.  God talked to Samuel on other occasions throughout his life.

God wants to talk to you.  Jesus’ death made it possible for all of us to hear God’s voice.  We don’t need someone else to talk to us for God.  Many times we would like for someone else to talk to us, because we can physically see and touch them and know we are not crazy.  But when we look to other people to tell us what we are supposed to do, we end up listening to the culture more than we listen to God.

When you watch commercials and read magazines, how often you think, “I need that,” or “I want to go there!”  We need to be careful when we are looking at other people because our culture wants to change us.  When I go to the theater, I prefer chocolate, but the sights and smells of popcorn make me want popcorn.  I get it, I taste it, and I think I prefer chocolate.  But we see what everyone else has and we want it too.  On television, we see what people with money do.  We want to do and buy what they do.  When we look into their lives, we don’t want the bad things, but we want the cool things.  Psalm 64:1-4 can be a prayer for refuge from what surrounds us.

Did you ever notice that the voice of satan is constant?  In John 8:44, Jesus calls him the father of lies.  Satan wants to trick us, so we will walk away from God.  Do you know someone who Satan has tricked into doing his will over God’s will?  There are people who have been changed by satan.  God wants you to know that your real identity is in God.  After God created man is the only time in creation He said, “That is really good.”  God loves us so much that he died for us.  Our culture won’t do that.  They will try to use you and take your life, but God gives you life.

Regarding our voice, most of us don’t like being called out when we do things wrong.  We like to explain away why we do things we shouldn’t.  Paul expressed his frustration with doing the wrong things in Romans 7:21-24.  If we look for our security in culture, money, our family, or a job, we’re listening to satan’s lies.  Our security is found only in God.  He wants to tell you He loves you, and show you what is best for you in your life.  Are you listening?  It is great that we can have a relationship with our creator.  We can hear God’s voice if we listen for it.  Have you been doing all the talking in your relationship with God?  Is it time to stop talking and start listening?

In closing, the song “Wanted” by Dara Maclean played as people were invited to the altar to listen to God.

Song: Here I Am to Worship

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