February 24, 2018

Sermon November 3, 2013: The Little Red Hen

DSCN9458Pastor Dan opened by telling the story of the little red hen with the help of the children in attendance today. The little red hen lived with a lamb, a duck, and a pig. None wanted to help the little red hen plant the seed, water the soil, or harvest the wheat, mill the wheat into flour, make the flour into bread dough, or bake the bread. But when they smelled the bread, they all wanted to help eat it!

Living in unity: many have been hurt or offended in, through, or by the people in the church. It also happens in families.

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:12-15

Sweet unity of fellowship in the church is the bread; what are the ingredients?
1. To lead and be led. Christian leadership is:
– Self sacrificing effort and work. Most of it is not seen by others.
– Not authority, but a moral responsibility. God has called you.
– To be respected. They are in charge and I am not…
2. To live at peace with others.
– “Admonish the unruly” – there has to be some basic standards.
– “Encourage the faint hearted” – those who are easily discouraged
– “Encourage the weak” – those who are easily prone to sin. Help them.
– “Be patient” – with everyone.
– “Don’t repay evil for evil” – it is sin. Let it go and forgive.
3. Seek the good.
– For one another. Not just ourselves, but one another.
– For all people. Non-Christians are just one decision away from being Christians.

Do you just want to eat the bread (of sweet unity), or be part of the preparation?

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