February 25, 2018

Sermon February 23, 2014: Right Turns

DSCN0844Today Pastor Dan’s sermon is titled, “Right Turns” and the scripture reference is 1 John 3:7-21. Follow along:

The first right turn is to do what is right (7-10)
Sin is serious.  (Don’t make light of it.)
We believe in not only being “saved” from our sins, but in victory over sin…
– But not by our own strength.
Simple test:

  • Do you do the right thing?
  • Do you love others?

The second right turn is to turn from hate. (11-15)
Hate is deadly serious business (1 John 3:15)
Hate = Murder!?!?!?
Even when you’re hated first.
Do not be surprised, my brothers,  if the world hates you.

The third right turn is to be people of loving action. (16-20a)
“Word” love (speech) is the lowest form of love.
To be able to act on a need and NOT is no love at all.
Loving action enables us to “be at rest in His presence.”

Are you at rest in His presence? (20b-21)
A matter of conscience
A matter of confidence.

Songs: Come, Now Is The Time To Worship, Shout To The Lord, Victory In Jesus, Mighty To Save, All Who Are Thirsty, and Victory In Jesus (reprise)

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  1. I was sick & missed everyone!

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