February 24, 2018

Sermon March 2, 2014: Healing

DSCN1077Today Pastor Dan’s sermon is about healing. Follow along:

Some people are not healed.  Eventually everyone dies.

There are three ways that God heals:

1. He does nothing (He doesn’t heal physically at all).
Being with the Lord isn’t bad.  For Christians, death is sometimes referred to as the ultimate healing.
There are worse things than death.

2. He heals us over time.
In this case, healing is not a sudden process.
God may have something to teach us during our time of healing.
Two things learned in sickness:
God doesn’t love us for what we can do; He just loves us.
It is an honor and a privilege to work anywhere in God’s kingdom.

3. He heals miraculously.
Guilt can come with miraculous healing (why me/ why not them?)

God heals us to do what He wants us to do.

Songs: Every Day, Hear Our Praises, Lord I Need You, One Thing Remains, and The Stand

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