February 17, 2018

Worship Team

Garden Grove Church of the Nazarene Worship Team SingersEvery Sunday morning during out 10:00 am worship service, the worship band and singers lead the congregation in a set of praise and worship songs. Our congregation is diverse, therefore so is our music. On any given Sunday, we might have a brand new, rhythm-driven song straight off of the radio bump right up against a classic hymn.

One of the many wonderful things about our people is their grace and acceptance of the diverse tastes. There’s a clear understanding that music isn’t an end in itself. Music is just one of the tools we use to encourage one another to enter into worship.

How to join the GGNaz Worship Team

Just talk to Michelle Ruth or email worship@ggnaz.org. We’re always excited to accept new members into the Worship Team family! Just supply Michelle with your email address and you’ll be added as a member of our Planning Center, where you can download and listen to the music we worship with each week.

When would I be scheduled?

Band members, singers and tech team members are scheduled using a tool called Planning Center Online. Because we have so many people interested in joining us, the team is different each week.

Scheduling is done three weeks in advance. When you’re scheduled, you’ll receive an email from Planning Center Online asking if you can be present for:

  • The Sunday morning service at 10:00 am
  • Sound check and practice at 8:00 am that Sunday
  • Practice the Wednesday evening prior to that Sunday, 6:30 pm

If you can’t make the Wednesday night practice, go ahead and decline so we can schedule you for another week when you can.

Sunday morning service at Garden Grove Church of the NazarenePractice: What to expect

Each person who attends worship team practice should leave feeling that it was a valuable use of their time; that they’ve had a chance to sharpen their musical skills in a safe and nurturing environment where the task at hand is clear – ushering the church body into the worship of God.

Who picks the songs?

While the final sets are arranged by the church staff members, input regarding what songs the Worship Team plays is always welcome from anyone in the congregation!

Tech Team

Not a performer? We can also use your talents by helping with the sound board and PowerPoint. Contact Michelle to be a part of this crucial element

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